Thomas Jacome

First and foremost I would like to praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his Miraculous Power and His Mercy. 6 months ago I was working at the Capital building in Salt Lake City, Utah. I fell from a ladder almost a story high. I fell so hard that my boot ripped and tore into the side if my right foot. Within 7 days from the fall my foot got so infected I was hospitalized. The doctors said I had acquired what’s called MRSA. It’s a staph type of infection. I was laying in a bed at Scripps hospital for almost 2 months.

The last 5 days that I stayed in the hospital the doctors would come and tell me that my whole foot was basically dead and they needed to cut my whole foot off from the top ankle down. I cried when they told me the first time when they came into my room with that horrible news. For 5 days in a row I would ask them to give me some more time to think about having my foot cut off. I then asked my very good Brother in the Lord, Brother G to ask his brother who is Brother Fee Soliven to come and pray for my foot.

Brother Fee came the last day that the doctors had given me before they were going to have my foot removed. Brother Fee brought with him his very good friend named Brother Felipe Ruelas. Brother Felipe is a world wide evangelist. They both anointed my head with oil, laid hands on me and started praying in the Holy Ghost! I felt the presence of God all over me and thought to my self that God was comforting me for the surgery. Well after they stopped praying Brother Fee said that God has just healed your foot by faith and that they weren’t going to cut my foot off. The scripture they quoted to me was

Romans 10:15 “And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things” They said God needed me to have my 2 feet to continue to preach the Gospel. I was crying and tears were running down the side of my face hoping and trusting God for the Word which was just given to me. Well after Brother G, Brother Fee and Brother Felipe left my room, 3 doctors came in to re-examine my foot just to see where exactly they were going to make the incision.

Well just to their amazement they saw my foot under a very powerful type of microscope made just for limbs and saw that my cells in my foot were alive and growing back! They said “hey we can’t cut off his foot, this is a real medical miracle”! Within 4 hours after my Brothers in Christ had left, my foot had no more green to it. After 9 hours had past the black and blue had just about cleared up. The following day they moved me to another floor and started my rehabilitation. I am living proof that Jesus is still the “Great Healer” All Glory, Honor and Praise goes to King Jesus! I testified at Fee & Yolanda’s Home Fellowship on Friday April 18th, 2008 As you can see in my photo I am walking and testifying where ever I go to tell others what God has done for me!!!!
Thomas Jacome

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