Hi my name is Yvonne Torres and I would like to share with you my testimony of how God has changed my life and of all the wonderful things he has done and continues to do for me. Jesus has delivered me from a life of drugs and sin. I started doing drugs at a young age of 12. I had used many different drugs and was an addict for 31 years. I never thought I would ever stop using drugs until I was introduced to something more powerful than any drug I have ever known. It was the power of God’s Holy Spirit. My niece Desiree Valdez and her husband Marcos Valdez had witnessed to me about Jesus on several occasions and tried to take me to Church with them. Even my two teenage children had already started attending Church before I ever went. They also tried to get me to go with them to Church.

I was so blind to the Word of God and who Jesus was because of my Catholic religion, drug addiction and not knowing I could have a personal relationship with God. I would always yell and get mad at them for always asking me to go to Church with them. One Saturday my nephew Andy Ochoa thought he would ask me to go to Church the next day not expecting that I would agree. When I said yes, I’ll go tomorrow his eyes lit up and said “are you sure.” That night I went out partying and had not slept all night. When the next morning came around I said to my self no more will I let the devil keep me from God. So I got ready and went to Church. That day September 12, 2007 I gave my heart to Jesus.

So right after Church at 2:00 pm I went over to Fee & Yolanda’s home and they baptized me in their Jacuzzi in Jesus Name and God filled me with His Holy Spirit with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory. Jesus set me free from all my drug addictions! Since that day I have been going to Church and Bible study as much as I can, learning more of God’s Word and doing my best to live a Righteous Christian Life. I currently attend Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship & Friday Night Bible Studies in Chula Vista where I have learned so much of God’s Word for my life. The Lord Jesus has blessed my life in so many ways and I will Thank Him for ever. Without Him coming into my life I honestly don’t know where I would be today. I know now that I have eternal life. I am sitting at the feet of Jesus, I am going to heaven and I will be with my Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ!!!!
Yvonne Torres

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