Dear Amazing Grace Family, this is an incredible Book & DVD by Pastor Mark Biltz who discovered the Blood Moons in 2008. I have seen this DVD at least 4 times and it’s a total revelation to the Church. This Book & DVD went on the market today world wide. I was fortunate to get an early copy 3 weeks ago from WND. Pastor Mark Biltz was also on the Jim Baker Christian network revealing nuggets of Gold found in the scriptures that most Gentile Believers have missed. Go to and watch Pastor Mark Biltz astound you! I fully endorse his Book & DVD. This Sunday night at 6:00pm I will be teaching “The 7 Feasts of The Lord and The Blood Moons”. Yolanda and I visited Pastor Mark Biltz at his Church El Shaddai Ministies in Bonneville, Washington, April of 2008 and he laid hands on us to teach and preach his discovery! Our Church address is 208 Madrona Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910 We hope to see you there!!
Pastor Fee and Sister Yolanda!

Blood Moons

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