We have been so blessed over the past 15 years with our home Bible Studies. During this span we have had the privilege to baptize over 400 souls in the only saving name of Yeshua Hamashiach the “Lord Jesus Christ” in our Jacuzzi! God has deeply blessed our Home Fellowship here in Chula Vista and all Honor and Glory belong to our Messiah Yeshua Hamashiach “Our Lord Jesus Christ. This walk of faith has birthed our new Church “Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship” We are so excited to see the work our Messiah is doing through those He brings to our Home and Church. May The Lord Jesus Christ be magnified in our midst!


Pastor Fee & Yolanda Soliven

Servants and Leadership

Placido Fee Soliven

Senior Pastor

Yolanda Soliven

Sunday School Director

Jon Cruz Manarang

Worship Pastor

Rod Cage

Board Member

Marietta Cage

Board Member

Channy Mendivil

Worship Ministry

Albert Mendivil

Men's Bible Teacher and Worship Ministry

Leroy Brown

Bus Ministry

Lafayette Mahan

Bus Ministry

Pam Edwards

Sunday School Teacher

Stacey Soliven

Sunday School Teacher

Joel Soliven

Worship Team & Audio Ministry