Ivan Delgadillo Baptized on November 9, 2014

Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship once again had the privilege and honor to Baptize Brother Ivan Delgadillo in Jesus Name! We know that God has a mighty plan for him and his family! Below are his baptism photos. Enjoy! We Bless You In Jesus Name! Pastor Fee & Sister Yolanda

Baptism Day for Daniel and Maria Pacheco September 28, 2014

After an awesome time of prayer this evening Amazing Grace had such a privilege and an honor once again to serve God’s people earlier today. Daniel and Maria Pacheco were Baptized today and the Power of God fell upon this precious couple. Brother Daniel was “Drunk in the Spirit” It was very overwhelming to see

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Francisco Gomez and Thomas Jr. Brown was baptized today July 5, 2014

Hope Parra’s Baptism Day!

Hope Parra was led to the “Lord Jesus” by Araceli Valencia and Toni Sandoval! Hope was baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus! Please enjoy Hope’s Baptism photos!

Baptism Day for Manuel and Jessica Sanchez

On This Resurrection Day Nisan 17, 2014 (April 17, 2014) Isabel Sanchez led her Father Manuel and her step mom Jessica to Jesus! They were baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus! Please enjoy their wonderful Baptism Photos!

Monica Soliven’s Baptism Day! March 24, 2014

Amazing Grace was once again so very privileged to Bless Monica Soliven as she took her step of faith and was baptized in Jesus Name tonight March 24, 2014. Enjoy her baptism photos!!

Corina and Becky’s Baptism Day! March 2, 2014

Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship had the privilege once again to serve Jesus! 2 precious souls were Baptized today. They were mother and daughter. Becky invited her mother to come and watch her being baptized not knowing that God was calling her mother Corina to be saved too! Please enjoy their Baptism photos! Sunday March 2,

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Amabel’s Baptism Day February 23, 2014

    Amabel gave her heart to Jesus and was Baptized in Jesus Name! February 23, 2014

David Colon’s Baptism Day! January 30, 2014

Tonight we were so Blessed to serve Jesus once again. David Colon was baptized and God’s Spirit came upon him. David is a young 21 year old with many musical talents. He will be in Church this Sunday morning. God is gathering unto Himself many and he is doing it quickly before He comes back

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Grace B. was baptized today!

Amazing Grace was very blessed and privileged on baptizing Grace B. today! Enjoy her baptism photos and be blessed! Sunday January 26, 2014